GYROTONIC® Supervised Apprentice Hours Course

GYROTONIC Supervised Apprenticeship Hours Course  and  Apprenticeship time


In the Apprenticeship Time  it is needed to collect 60 GYROTONIC teaching hours and to take the GYROTONIC Supervised Apprenticeship Hours Course in addition. During the Appreticeship time you gain teaching experience, deepen your own training and understanding of the method. After 30 hours of teaching,it is possible to participate in the Supervised Hours Course. The Course serves to clarify questions, which might rise up during your teaching and gives a feedback on your gained teaching/movment skills . The Supervised Hours Course is as well a physical preperation for the final Certification.


– Successful completion of the  GYROTONIC Foundation Course

-30 collected Gyrotonic teaching hours

Course material:

– none

Conducted By:

Specialized Gyrokinesis/ Gyrotonic Mastertrainer, Anke Hauerstein


6 days/ 36 hours

Timetable (might change):

Tues           12.00-15.00      17.00- 20.00 h

Wed           10.00- 13.00     15.00- 18.00 h

Thurs         10.00- 13.00     15.00- 18.00 h

Fri              10.00- 13.00     15.00- 18.00 h

Sat             10.00- 13.00     15.00- 18.00 h

Sun            10.00- 13.00     15.00- 18.00 h


1050,00 EUR
+ Studiofee 102,00 EUR

Course Location 
(or will be announced):

Studio Anke Hauerstein

Monumentenstr.25/ 10965 Berlin



After successful completion:

– you are qualified to participate in the GYROTONIC Certification




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