Online Classes

April/ May 2024


GYROKINESIS® mixed Level

Every Monday                                                10:00- 11:30 ( Berlin time)

29.04/ 6.05/ 27.05                                         Anke Hauerstein

13.05                                                               availability of a Gyrokinesis recorded link upon request



Cardiovascular Breathing Program 1

Wednesday                                                     9:15-10:15 ( Berlin time)

8.05                                                                  Anke Hauerstein


Cardiovascular Breathing Program 2

Wednesday                                                    9:15-10:15 ( Berlin time)

22.05                                                               Anke Hauerstein


Spring Qi Gong

Wednesday                                                     9:15-10:15 ( Berlin time)

29.05                                                               Anke Hauerstein



Private  Class

GYROKINESIS®& GYROTONIC®, GYROKINESIS® Breathing Klasse, Taiji Quan Chen Stil und Qi Gong




Group Class cost is 11,00 Euro/ Private Class cost ist 51,00 Euro

If you would like to register, please send an email to  in order to receive the Zoom-meeting link

  • Open or download zoom
  • Register cost-free
  • Click link or open join meeting/ type in ID
  • Please transfer the cost of the class before the class starts