The Gyrotonic Method is a body training method, suiting all groups of age and supporting the personal well-being.

Individual needs of the body are respected, including those of people enjoying to move, professionals like dancers and athletes, as well as people rehabilitating from injuries.

Juliu Horvath, the founder of the Gyrotonic Method , developed different Gyrotonic equipments allowing complete freedom of movement around the human body.

The effects of Gyrotonic Training:  

  • Balances the mind, body and emotions
  • Activates the center of the body and vitality
  • Trains strength, flexibility and stretching at the same time
  • Removes blockages and allows a free flow of energy
  • Prevents injuries by balancing the body posture, rehabilitates injuries
  • Releases stress and enhances regeneration
  • Mobilizes and strengthens the spine

How are the movements performed?

The whole body moves in circular and spiraling patterns out of its center.

The three-dimensional movements are connected in flow and are supported by harmonizing breathing rhythms.

GYROTONIC® Founder Juliu Horvath

The Gyrotonic Method was created by Juliu Horvath (born 1942 in Romania) and is influenced by his experiences as a Ballet dancer, swimmer and Gymnast. After a rupture of his Achilles tendon, Juliu Horvath had to stop his career as a dancer and started to practice Yoga. Inspired by his energetic experiences through Yoga, he decided to move to the Caribbean island of St. Thomas. After many years of searching and looking for the East-Asian “healing source”, the Gyrokinesis Method (training without equipment) was created. Later on, Juliu Horvath developed the Gyrotonic Method performed with equipment.

Training & Dates

60 min 90 min
Tryout session € 27,00
Three introductory sessions € 129,00
Tandem session € 36,00 € 41,00
10 class card (tandem training) € 330,00 € 380,00
Private session € 61,00 € 72,00
10 class card (private session) € 530,00 € 640,00
Independent session € 16,00 € 19,00
10 class card (independent training) € 151,00 € 175,00

To book a session please write an e-mail to or call +49(0)30/69 50 88 29.

10 class cards are valid for 3 month.

Please notice the 24 hour cancellation policy of bookings, to avoid paying for the session.



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