The Art of Exercising and Beyond



The GYROTONIC® Method tunes the body and mind by using a specially designed machine that enables complete freedom of movement.

The effects of GYROTONIC® Training:       

  • Integrating and balancing the mind, body and emotions
  • Activating and strengthening the body center
  • Training strength, flexibility and stretching all at the same time
  • Preventing injuries by balancing out the bone structure
  • Removing blockages, allowing a free flow of energy
  • “Stress-release” and regeneration
  • Increasing vitality
  • Elongating, strengthening and stabilizing the spine

How are the movements performed?

The movements are three-dimensional, circular and spiraling. They are executed in a soft and flowing manner and performed with harmonizing breathing patterns. Each movement can be individually interpreted and expressed.

  60 min 90 min
Tryout session € 27,00  
Three introductory sessions € 129,00  
Tandem session € 33,00 € 38,00
10 class card (tandem training) € 300,00 € 350,00
Private session € 58,00 € 68,00
10 class card (private session) € 500,00 € 600,00
Independent session € 16,00 € 19,00
10 class card (independent training) € 151,00 € 175,00

Sessions can be booked by phone. 10 class cards are valid for three months.

Please notice the 24 hour cancellation policy, otherwise the full amount of the class will be charged.

All prices are in euro, including 19% VAT (tax).