The Art of Exercising and Beyond


Qi Gong

For every season there is a corresponding organ. Each organ stands in connection with a color, an emotion and an element. The exercises harmonize, cleanse and strengthen the organs, in unity with nature. This is achieved by simple physical exercises, breathing techniques, healing sounds, acu pressure and internal organ massages.

Each season, 11 Qi Gong exercises will be learned. Qi Gong always balances out and harmonizes the Yin and Yang in the body.

The Qi Gong of the Four Seasons is a modern Qi Gong that was developed by Zheng Yi (a Chinese Qi Gong master and TCM doctor).


Private Session (60 Min)    55,00 Eur /470,00 Eur (10 class card)

Group class (60 Min)        12,00 Eur/  105,00 Eur (10 class card)


  Spring Summer/ Late Summer Autumn Winter
Organ: Liver, Gall bladder Heart, stomach, small intestine, spleen Lungs, Large intestine Kidneys, Bladder
Colour: Green Red White, Gold Black
Emotion: Anger Joys/ Worries Sadness Fear
Element: Wood Fire / Earth Metal Water