GYROTONIC® L1 as a Musical Journey

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An original musical score, created by Gyrotonic Method creator, Juliu Horvath, in collaboration with musician, Rodolfo Troncoso connects  Gyrotonic Level 1 movments in flow and rhythym. The continous flow, activates all systems in the body and gives a feeling of “dancing” .The Gyrotonic Nerve Strengthening Sequence is included in the course as well.


Certified GYROTONIC Trainer, valid trademark license

Course material:

–       each participant receives a manual

–       pincode to download the musik

–       and has the possibility to purchase the DVD

Conducted By:

Specialized Gyrokinesis/Gyrotonic Mastertrainer, Anke Hauerstein


6 days/ 30 hours

Timetable (might change):

Fri           12.00-15.00      17.30- 19.30 h

Sat          10.30- 13.30     16.00- 18.00 h

Sun         10.30- 13.30     16.00- 18.00 h

Mon        13.30- 16.30      18.30- 20.30 h

Tue         10.00- 13.00     15.30- 17.30 h

Wed        9.00- 12.00      15.00- 17.00 h


1050,00 EUR
+ Studiofee 102,00 EUR

Course Location:

Studio Anke Hauerstein,

Monumentenstr. 25/ 10965 Berlin /Germany

(or will be announced)

After successful completion:

– you receive a qualification to teach the GYROTONIC as a Musical Journey Course




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