GYROTONIC® Pretraining 1

GYROTONIC Pretraining


Learning of the basic exercises of GYROTONIC L1 and preparing the body physically for the GYROTONIC Foundationkurs. As well, basic GYROTONIC movment principles will be introduced.


Basic knowledge about the GYROTONIC L1 exercises and being able to perform

Progression 1. It is suggested, to take at least take 10 classes prior the Pretraining.

Course material:

you will receive a manuel with the basic exercises of GYROTONIC L1

Conducted By:

specialized Mastertrainer Anke Hauerstein


6 days/ 30 hours

Timetable (might change):

Fri         12:00-15:00      17:00-20:00h

Sat         10.00- 13.00     15.00- 18.00 h

Sun        10.00- 13.00     15.00-18.00 h

Mon        13.00- 16.00    18.00-21.00h

Tues      10.00- 13.00     15.00- 18.00 h

Wed      10.00- 13.00     15.00- 18.00 h


1050,00 EUR
+ Stdiofee 102,00 EUR


Course Location:

Studio Anke Hauerstein
10965 Berlin

(or will be announced)

After successful completion:

– you will receive a GYROTONIC Pretraining Qualification Agreement, which qualifies you to enter the GYROTONIC Foundation Course.