The Art of Exercising and Beyond


GYROKINESIS Breathing Course Intensive (with Music)

Specialized Gyrokinesis Educational Courses; Counts as an Update


Scrubbing (not on DVD), Cervical Program (not on DVD),Happy Moves, Aerobic series with music, Walk in figure 8’s, Nerve strengthening Sequence, Metamorphosis (all together 120 minutes)


Certified Gyrokinesis Trainer and  valid trademark license

Course material:

-          Every Participant receives one manuel

-          Pin-code to download the music

-          Possibility to purchase the DVD

Conducted By:

Specialized Gyrokinesis / Gyrotonic Mastertrainer, Anke Hauerstein


3 days / 15 hours

Timetable (might change):

Fr  12-15h       17:30-19:30h         

Sat  10-13h     15:30-17:30h        

Sun  10-13h    15:30-17:30h                

Course Location ( might change): 

Studio Anke Hauerstein

Monumentenstr.25/ 10965 Berlin /Deutschland


450,00 Eur

+ 48,00 Eur Studio fee

 After successful completion:

- you will receive the qualification of the course 

- you will be qualified to teach the course

- the teaching license will be renewed (if needed)




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