GYROTONIC® L2 Program 1

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In this Course, Gyrotonic Trainers learn the Gyrotonic Level 2, Program 2 exercise sequences. Strength, flexibility, and coordination is worked in an even and demanding way. Different movment Rhythyms and long movment combinations iare outstanding In the L2 Programs.


Successful completion of the  GYROTONIC L2 Pretraining Program 2

Course material:

–       every GYROTONIC Trainer receives a GYROTONIC L2 Program 2 manuel

–       GYROTONIC L2 Program 2 DVD

Conducted By:

Specialized Gyrokinesis/Gyrotonic Mastertrainer, Anke Hauerstein


4 days/ 20 hours

Timetable (might change):


700,00 EUR
+ Sutdiofee

Course Location:

After successful completion:

– you will receive a qualification to teach the course.