GYROTONIC® Leg Extension Unit

GYROTONIC® Leg Extension Unit


The Leg Extension Unit facilitates functional full body movement sequences that strengthen upper/lower body coordination, and hand/foot coordination. Contra-lateral movement sequences in various planes increase functional strength and stability at all joints. A unique, patented, cam mechanism allows the leg to elongate, as it extends. So, the hip and knee joints are able to move in a fluid, natural range, without compression, increasing stability and strength around those joints.


– Certified Gyrotonic® and/or Gyrokinesis® Trainer.

Course material:

– You will receive a manual and a DVD.

Conducted By:

Mastertrainer Anke Hauerstein


6 days/ 30 hours


1050,00 EUR *
+ Studio fee: Please ask Manuela Rojko Schranz.
* Course fee expected to change in January 2024.


Course Location:

Bewegungsatelier Graz
Manuela Rojko Schranz
Glockenspielplatz 5
8010 Graz
Tel: +43 699 126 00 112

After successful completion:

– You will receive a Gyrotonic® Leg Extension Unit certificate.


Please ask Manuela Rojko Schranz.

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